Our building was inspired by the legacy and rich history of Chief Tamanend of the Turtle Clan of the Lenin Lenape tribe


At a point in time when we all need true leadership grounded in respect, generosity and peace…we offer a unique, light-filled space inspired by the Indian Chief who symbolizes peace – Chief Tamanend – the 17th century Chief of the Turtle Clan of the Lenni-Lenape Indian tribe – who oversaw the peace treaty between European settlers and Native American Indians in 1628 – and is called “the Affable” and is known as the Patron Saint of America.

The story of Chief Tamenend renowned for his honor, welcoming spirit and generosity was the inspiration for Tammany Hall – the 1788 political society originally founded to give immigrants a political voice.

Vision of 44 Union Square

44 Union Square – An iconic and monumental northeast anchor to Union Square Park. Our six level, 73,095 SF building in New York City capped by a glorious 812 piece glass dome in the shape of a turtle – Chief Tamanend believed that a turtle rose from the water to form Turtle Island, which is North America.